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About the Region

Mini Furla Womens Crossbody Club XS Smeraldo 0g4q7Ew helps businesspeople put their development plans into practice in the Brussels-Capital Region. EcoSubsiBru can advise you on what grants you are eligible for.

Atrium, Brussels Invest & Export and Impulse
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A single Agency since 01.01.2018!

More info on helps businesspeople put their development plans into practice. It has information on the ins and outs of setting up and running a business in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Help to businesses is one of the key regional partners for Brussels businesses. provides two main services:

Universal information: provides useful information and professional tools to foreign investors, start-ups and existing SMEs, in the following areas and more:

  • Formation
  • Financing
  • Club Mini XS Smeraldo Furla Womens Crossbody Public assistance
  • Planning regulations
  • Environmental permits and other formalities

Thanks to its outstanding knowledge of the Brussels economy, is also able to refer you to the institution or partner best able to help you.
Brussels businesspeople with questions on these topics can get answers fast by calling the regional number 1819, operated by

Support: also encourages businesses to improve their competitiveness through innovation and globalisation, and provides intensive support for projects and businesses that show promise or are critically important to the Brussels-Capital Region, especially in the following sectors:

  • Health and medical technologies
  • ICT
  • Green technologies
  • Green building.

Furla Womens Club Mini Crossbody XS Smeraldo The advice and services of are free of charge and completely independent. sites and tools

  • the corporate website of
  • (FR/NL): Business in Brussels
  • MyBusinessPlan: online business plan applications
  • (FR/NL): survey of legislation and jurisprudence of the communes, the regions, the federal state and the European Union with regard to urban planning and environment in Brussels
  • everything about regulations and European funding for R&D.

XS Mini Smeraldo Club Furla Crossbody Womens Sector sites:

Chaussée de Charleroi 110, 1060 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 422.00.20
If you are a businessperson with a question, call 1819.

Legal basis:

The Brussels Enterprise Agency was created on 1 January 2003 on the initiative of the Ministry of the Economy of the Brussels-Capital Region. The BEA remit is described in the coordinated articles of association approved by the general assembly of 15 December 2004 and published in Moniteur belge on 8 August 2005.
Since 2013, the Brussels Enterprise Agency has changed its name to